Neal Maddox


CrossFit Athlete  //  San Jose, CA

Neal Maddox

Neal Maddox is a professional CrossFit athlete who first tried the sport in 2009. Originally born in San Francisco, California, he lives in San Jose and trains at his home gym of CrossFit X-treme Athletics. Since his start, he has competed and placed in over thirteen CrossFit Opens, Regionals, and Games.

Originally from: San Francisco, CA

CrossFit Gym: CrossFit X-treme Athletics

Year started CrossFit:  2009

Why you love CrossFit: I love the pain

Second favorite sport:  CrossFit. Football is my first love. If it weren’t for football, I wouldn’t be where I’m at with CrossFit. All the years of training prepped me for CrossFit.

Pets: 3 pitbulls: Rocky, Asia and Bella

Favorite health food: Fruit - I love kiwi

Favorite cheat meal: Anything that’s bad for you

Favorite travel destination: Michigan

Dream vacation spot: Maldives

Motivational quote : There’s no substitute for Hard work.

Any fun fact: I like to listen to Taylor Swift when I lift. 


Neal's Favorite Gatorz: Wraptor - Black Frame w/ Sunburst Mirror