Andy Stumpf


Skydiver - BASE Jumper  //  Montana
Andy Stumpf
From: Santa Cruz, CA 


Current City: Montana


How did you decide you wanted to join the Navy: I don’t know if I had a choice, it was more of a magnetizing force.  When I was young I was exposed to the idea of becoming a SEAL and it stuck.  From that point on, it was my single focus in life. 

How did you get started in Skydiving:  After BUD/s my entire class was sent to Ft. Benning to learn static line jumping.  After five jumps we were sent back to our Teams, and when everyone else seemed to be having the time of their life conducting free fall operations, we were thrown out of the plane at 1200ft.  The jump and landings are anything but comfortable, and everyone else seemed to be having a better time than I was.  I went to skydive San Diego on a Friday, and was jumping on my own by Sunday.  After a year I had enough experience to challenge the military curriculum. 


Favorite sport to participate in: BASE jumping, specifically in my wingsuit


Favorite sport to watch: I don’t spend much time watching organized sports, but it is nice to hang with my sons and watch football during the season.


Pets: Three dogs


Favorite health food: Steak


Favorite cheat meal: Barbecue chicken pizza

Favorite travel destination: Switzerland

Dream vacation spot: New Zealand

Motivational quote : Don’t waste your time looking for examples, become one.

Andy's Favorite Gatorz: Magnum - Blackout Frame w/ Smoke Polarized Lenses